The Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof in Downriver

If you take good care of your home’s roof, it will likely last for quite a long time. However, whether it be due to damage from the elements or just natural deterioration, you’ll eventually need to invest in a roof replacement. When that time arrives, there are several decisions you need to make. Perhaps the most important one is choosing which roofing company you want to hire for the job. You’ll also need to figure out what type of roof will be the most prudent investment. Finally, there’s one decision you may not realize is important: deciding what time of year to schedule the project. You might not think it matters, but the season should absolutely be a consideration when it comes to roof replacements. 

Here, we’ll look at what you can expect from this type of job during different times of the year.


Generally, scheduling your roof replacement in the Winter is a questionable choice. The Michigan Winters can be very harsh, and between December and February, the weather conditions can create several significant hazards for roofing work. Primarily, the presence of snow, freezing rain, and ice can make a roof replacement job very hazardous—even for skilled professionals. Additionally, the cold temperatures tend to make roofing components more fragile and likely to break, and they make it harder for sealants to set effectively. There’s also the fact that the Winter months offer much less daylight, meaning your hired roofing professionals may not have as much time each day to work on the project.

All of that said, there is at least one advantage to scheduling a roof replacement during Winter. Typically, roofing companies don’t have as much business during the Winter as in other seasons. So, their schedules will probably be more open, and it should be easy to get an appointment when you want it. Plus, you may not have to wait as long to have a team get started on the job. For these reasons, some people do prefer to schedule roofing work in the Winter, but it’s certainly not the most popular option.


If you decide that replacing your roof in the winter isn’t the wisest choice, waiting until the Spring may be a better idea. Generally, Spring features some of the mildest weather of the year, although there does tend to be a fair bit of rain. However, it won’t be snowy, freezing, or scorching hot, so it typically provides favorable conditions for doing roofing work. Plus, Spring is widely regarded as a great time of year to take care of household chores and maintenance. So, if you know you need a roof replacement, why not add it to the list of important things to get done?

If you decide to schedule your roof replacement during Spring, getting it scheduled early in the season may be the best option. As the Summer gets closer, roofing companies may start to get busier, so you may have an easier time getting a convenient appointment in March or April.


In most areas, the Summer is the most popular season for roofing jobs by a significant margin. There are a few reasons why this is the case. For one, the weather is typically warm and sunny, and the days are very long. These factors mean that roofing professionals generally have many hours each day that are suitable for getting work done. Plus, lots of people tend to take vacations from work during the Summer, and they often use those breaks to schedule major household projects like roofing replacements. Because of the warm temperatures, the sealant even works better and seals more quickly in the Summer. So, for these reasons, Summer is a pretty good option for scheduling your household roof work.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t disadvantages to getting your roof replaced during this time of year. For one thing, roofing companies often get extremely busy during the Summer. So, unless you schedule the appointment well in advance, you might have a very difficult time getting an appointment when you want it. Plus, the Summer is not without its harsh weather conditions. In July and August, there can be heat waves and intense thunderstorms, which can make roof work more hazardous and challenging. So, although the Summer is considered by many to be the best season to schedule a roof replacement, it isn’t necessarily perfect.


Although Summer is the most popular season to schedule roofing projects, Fall is a close second. And in some ways, this crisp, cool time of year is even preferable to the hot Summer. Much like Spring, Fall typically features very mild temperatures, but it usually isn’t as rainy. The freezing temperatures and snow of Winter won’t have arrived yet, but the Summer heat will have mostly dissipated. Additionally, the fall is a great time to clean your gutters and get roofing work done, as you’ll want your roof to be clean and in good condition when the harsh Winter weather rolls in

The one downside to scheduling your roof replacement during Fall is the fact that it’s another busy time for roofing companies. The schedules usually won’t be full as they are during Summer, but Fall is the next busiest season. However, the simple remedy for this issue is to schedule your appointment in advance. After all, it’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute to have your roof replaced if it’s deteriorating. So, scheduling it a month or two ahead of time is always prudent.

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