What Type Of Windows Are The Most Energy Efficient?

What is the most energy efficient windows for a home?

Energy efficiency is probably a top priority when installing new or replacement windows. After all, the more energy-efficient your new windows are, the lower your heating and cooling bills will be, and the faster the investment pays for itself.

If you’re seeking the most energy-efficient windows for your home, casement windows, double-hung windows, and picture windows are the most common options.

Casement Windows

A photo of a casement window in a Trenton home
Because of their ability to maximize air ventilation, casement windows are among the most popular windows installed in homes today. Additionally, they are among the most energy-efficient windows available. When strong winds blow toward your home, inefficient windows may allow cold air to enter. When this happens, the wind’s pressure causes the casement windows to seal even tighter, making them an excellent choice for extreme climates.

Casement windows will, however, require some maintenance to maintain optimal energy efficiency. This usually involves ensuring that the functionality and stability of the window’s hinges and the seal continue to remain intact.

Double-Hung Windows

A photo of a double hung windows in a Trenton home
Although double-hung windows are common in older homes, they are still a popular modern option due to their versatility and ability to open without protruding inwards or outwards. They’re a terrific energy-efficient window option for milder climates, but for more extreme weather, casement windows are still the best choice as air may get in between the sliders.

Picture Windows

A photo of a picture windows in a Trenton home
Picture windows are also known as fixed windows since they do not open and remain closed. To provide homeowners with unobstructed views, they are manufactured with less frame and more glass. However, many people believe that because of their large glass surfaces, they are not energy efficient. That, however, is not the case. They should serve you well as long as they are manufactured with high-quality double-paned glass.

For Energy Efficient Window Options, Call Us Today!

In some cases, simply improving the energy efficiency of your existing windows isn’t enough. If your windows are old or showing signs of degradation, you may want to consider replacing them altogether. MCM Services windows are all ENERGY STAR certified, so you can rest assured that your replacement windows are energy efficient. Through insulated glass and tight, air leakage-reducing manufacturing, our leading vinyl designs provide a practical, energy-efficient option for homeowners.

For 40 years, MCM Services Inc has served Trenton, MI, and the surrounding Downriver areas. To learn more about how we can provide you with the most energy-efficient windows while staying within your budget, give MCM Services a call at (734) 676-6343.

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