Replacement Window and New Window Differences

What's the Difference Between Replacement Windows and New Windows?

When it comes to replacement windows or new construction windows, both styles have their advantages. Although there are exceptions, new construction windows are commonly used in new homes and replacement windows in remodels. Quality varies significantly between both methods of windows and makes the most significant difference in window performance and comfort for your Downriver home.

Windows in new construction are frequently made of wood or vinyl. They can be installed during the building process and come in various styles, sizes, and colors to meet any need. Most home improvement stores have replacement windows available and come in a different option to choose from as well.

New Construction Windows

A photo of a new construction home in Trenton MI with new Windows

As the name implies, new construction windows are designed to be installed in homes when they are first built. The studs that make up a home are exposed during construction, allowing window contractors to add new construction windows directly to the house’s frame. Window installers will use a nail fin frame to install the windows. When it comes to new construction windows, window companies will have a lot more freedom to create custom windows of almost any size or shape. They don’t have to be worried about windows fitting in a specific spot.

Replacement Windows

A photo of replacement windows in Trenton MI
In the window industry, replacement windows are frequently referred to as retrofit windows. They’re called this because replacement windows are made to fit into a preexisting opening in a property. Window installers don’t have to worry about removing any exterior materials outside of a house. Replacement windows will fit perfectly into the space provided if the installers have measured the space correctly beforehand.

When Should I Use These Types of Windows?

New construction windows are ideal for people who are building a new home from scratch. They can also be used by homeowners who are putting additions on to their homes or remodeling their homes if they are willing to go the extra mile and remove exterior materials. Replacement windows, on the other hand, are great for homeowners looking to replace existing windows. They can simply yank the old ones out and replace them with the new ones.

Do All Window Companies Offer Both New Construction and Replacement Windows?

Both new construction and replacement windows are available from the most reputable window contractors. However, it never hurts to ask if you prefer one or the other before starting working with a window company. It also wouldn’t hurt to inquire with a window company about the various installation processes for new construction and replacement windows. By speaking with a window contractor, you can learn a lot about windows.

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